What We Do

Did you ever want to just do something good for community? So did we. That’s how the CLE Soup & Bread Experiment was born.

We live in a world that can sometimes be overwhelming. With 24 hour news cycles and everyone seeming like they are coming from a different point of view, it’s nice to get together once in a while for a good cause. The CLE Soup & Bread experiment is an loose, all-volunteer organization that shares soup, breaks bread and donates to a worthy cause.

How it works: Volunteer soup makers bring hot soup to the event. We provide crockpots, bowls and spoons. Local bakeries supporting our mission provide bread and tah-dah … you have a meal! The meal is absolutely free but a donation bucket is put out to give to a worthy cause.

And that’s it. Just a community night of soup and bread. This past year we’ve donated thousands of dollars to organizations like the Greater Cleveland Area Food Bank with the dollars dropped in our jar.

Come have a bowl and get to know your neighbors. Want to help? We’re always looking for soup makers and bread bringers. Come show off your best stew, chowder or bisque!